Human settlement today bears little resemblance to its roots in the nomadic lifestyle of hunter-gatherers long ago. As settlements increasingly consolidate into cities, a paradox emerges: modern civilization has birthed technologies that enable unprecedented degrees of mobility between any two places on the planet, yet we still insist upon enforcing rigid concepts of land ownership and sedentary ways of life. Nomads of the past are being forced to settle while few people take advantage of the new possibilities for mobility. Some continue to roam due to economic, environmental, or social crises, but this sort of migration is frequently looked down upon by established authority and permanent settlers.

How did this situation arise and where will it lead? How can we protect and learn from existing nomadic cultures? How can we build new societies of dignified transience? The NOMADIC FUTURES series hopes to examine the potential for future modes of nomadic living. It aims to bring together diverse perspectives on this topic during the exhibition of the N55 WALKING HOUSE in Geslenkirchen, Germany during the summer of 2010.

A call for proposals is currently open. This website will grow to document the projects, events, and conversations that arise. Consider following us on Twitter to stay informed.


EXTENDED DEADLINE -- Proposals will continue to be accepted until Monday, May 24th.

Artists, technologists, performers, gonzo engineers, (tech)nomads, hacktivists, squatters, designers, architects, makers, videographers, writers, historians and more are invited to submit proposals for projects, events, or workshops as part of NOMADIC FUTURES during summer 2010 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Suggested themes include nomadic living, open borders, collective ownership, dynamic geography, walking, wandering, eco-lifestyles, autonomy, immigration, transience, and the history of nomadism. Proposals that harness new technologies to facilitate autonomy and collectivism in a nomadic future are encouraged but not required.

Projects will be exhibited alongside N55's WALKING HOUSE in Nordsternpark from May 27th - September 4th 2010 (See a map of the site).

Please download a poster for the call and distribute it to those who may be interested: [1] [2] [3] [4]

call for proposals poster


Send a document containing the following information to KRONICK@N55.DK:

  • Name of individuals/group involved
  • CV or examples of past work
  • 1-page description of project, event, or workshop
  • Space/facility requirements
  • Budget for any requested funds
  • Availability/timeline between May 27th and September 4th, 2010

Extended deadline: Proposals should be sent by Monday, May 24th. Chosen projects will be announced in the following week and be scheduled throughout the summer.


The center of activity for this series will be N55's WALKING HOUSE - an autonomous microdwelling capable of moving via six actuated legs to enable a peaceful nomadic life. For more information on the house, please see the Manual for WALKING HOUSE.

The house will walk and be on display to the public for 100 days as part of the European Capital of Culture.

Creative Commons License Sam Kronick and N55